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JUCIFER - There Is No Land Beyond The Volga [2xLP] VIRUS461

"Nomadic sludge death-drone duo Jucifer channels the soul and soil of a place called Volgograd in over an hour of music as storied and powerful as the land and people to which they have dedicated this latest offering.

Entitled за волгой для нас земли нет ("There Is No Land Beyond the Volga," a quote from a Russian soldier in the battle of Stalingrad), Jucifer's new concept album tells the history of Volgograd (formerly Stalingrad) from the perspective of its people, its soldiers, its children and the very land itself."

Tracklist :

A1 The Land Speaks / Песнь просыпающегося города :: Song Of The Waking City
A2 ЛожЬ Во Сласение :: White Lie
B1 Боритесь, Чтобы Жить Свободно :: Fight Hard Live Free
B2 Ни Шагу Назад! :: Not A Step Back
B3 Дом Павлова :: Pavlov's House
B4 Позор :: Shame
B5 Сибирь :: Siberia
C1 Волк (Скорбящая Мать) :: Wolf (Grieving Mother)
C2 Эволюция I: Кочевники :: Evolution I: Nomads
C3 Эволюция II: Родина-мать Зовет! :: Evolution II: Soviet Motherland Calls
C4 Эаградительные Отряды :: Barrier Troops
D1 Новая Могила :: The New Grave
D2 Королева - Оленьи Рожки :: Queen Of Antlers
D3 Patriotic Song / Зпилог :: Epilogue

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Black vinyls.