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GORGUTS - Pleiades' Dust [12" EP] SOM386LP

"Pleiades’ Dust is a challenging and rewarding record by one of death metal’s most challenging bands. There isn’t an ounce of wasted time throughout its thirty-three-minute running time. Every sound that comes off this record is purely classic and a watershed moment for Gorguts. If you think this is overblown you either: haven’t spent enough time with this album or haven’t spent enough time with the Gorguts discography. If you hear someone say that they’re the most messed up death metal band of all time, they’re not wrong. And it’s not because they’re some sort of twisted gore freaks. It’s because Lemay and co are the best composers the genre will ever see." - Metal Injection

Tracklist :

A-I. Thinker's Slumber
A-II. Wandering Times
A-III. Within The Rounded Walls
A-IV. Pearls Of Translation
A-V. Compendiums
B-VI. Stranded Minds On The Shores Of Doubt
B-VII. Besieged

Pressing Information

Orange vinyl limited to 500 copies worldwide incl. exclusive 60x60cm poster.