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COWS - Daddy Has A Tail [12" LP] MVD8221LP

"Daddy Has a Tail is the second studio album by Minneapolis-based noise rock band Cows and their first to be released by Amphetamine Reptile Records in July 1989.

The album was recorded and mixed by David B. Livingstone, who at the time was the guitarist for God Bullies, and producer Tim Mac. Originally, the record had been mixed to videotape but the result was of poor quality, forcing Mac and Livingstone to remix the entire album from scratch within the relatively short time span of 4 hours. Regarding the album's current mix, Livingstone has said, "I always felt that they got really screwed. I felt really bad." and that he intends to eventually remix the entire album from the original masters."

Tracklist :

A1 Shaking
A2 Camouflage Monkey
A3 Part My Konk
A4 Bum In The Alley
A5 Chow
B1 By The Throat
B2 I Miss Her Beer
B3 Sugar
B4 Chasin' Darla
B5 Sticky And Sweet

Pressing Information

Yellow vinyl.