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SAVAGES - Silence Yourself [12" LP] OLE1036-1

"Few debuts show a band's versatility like this album from Savages. It's got plenty of fast, energetic post-punk bangers, but it also dips into some atmospheric, brooding songs that are just as aggressive and dramatic. It is a gripping listen, and it moves at it's own pace. Nothing here is for show. These songs are about as serious as you can get, yet never cliche or showy. A perfect debut from what may the best new band out there right now."

Tracklist :

A1 Shut Up
A2 I Am Here
A3 City's Full
A4 Strife
A5 Waiting For A Sign
B1 Dead Nature
B2 She Will
B3 No Face
B4 Hit Me
B5 Husbands
B6 Marshal Dear

Pressing Information

Black vinyl.