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GOBLIN - Suspiria [12" LP] MDF33108

"Suspiria was Dario Argento's opus. This was a ground breaking movie. It was a visual and audio attack on the senses. He used sight and sound like no other film maker has before ( or since). What made the film remarkable was the synth pounding music from Goblin. A drum and synth driven soundtrack that was mixed VERY LOUD. The title track as eerie spoken word verses spoken by Claudio Simonetti (the band's leader and keyboard/synth player) because of his command of the english language. As a stand alone disc it's just as creepy. Dario Argento arranged and conducted some of the music (to keep it flowing to the movie) as well. Argento and Goblin made one hell of a team. From time to time, Goblin would reunite with Simonetti and compose music for Dario Argento as a favor to the man who made them world famous.

Highly recommended."

Tracklist :

A1 Suspiria
A2 Witch
A3 Opening To The Sighs
A4 Sighs
B1 Markos
B2 Black Forest
B3 Blind Concert
B4 Death Valzer

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Black vinyl. Comes in a gatefold cover.

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