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MARRIAGES - Kitsune [12" LP] SHF076

"Marriages is a band consisting of Red Sparowes members Emma Ruth Rundle (vocals, guitar), Greg Burns (bass, synthesizer) and Dave Clifford (drums). This debut EP is an earthy slice of spacey gaze, a seemingly hard feat to for people from a jamming post rock group to accomplish. Successfully tackling a genre similar to their other project is no easy task for band-mates with a shared background. The musicians can be taking all their unused concepts of off the drawing board, yet there can exist a large disparity between the perceptions of the audience and of the artists. While a musician will swear that they are doing something new, to the average listener it may seem like a simple rehash or b-side from the other project. With this EP however, Marriages avoid that pitfall and create a sound that is quite unique in and of itself."

Tracklist :

A1 Ride In My Place
A2 Body Of Shade
A3 Ten Tiny Fingers
B1 Pelt
B2 White Shape
B3 Part The Dark Again

Pressing Information

Transparent Orange vinyl