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GOATSNAKE - I + Dog Days [2xLP] SUNN34

"1 is heavily in debt in homage to all things Sabbath, but alongside recent doom bands such as Electric Wizard, Goatsnake have taken what is an old fashioned template of early 70s rock and brought it to new levels of heaviosity. Goatsnake are one of the blackest, crushing bands around with the added bonus of having some great songs. 1 and Dogs Days were recorded within a year of other but playing it end to end, it feels like one body of work. Highlights include Innocent, a rampant amalgam of Zeppelin and Sabbath featuring some nifty blues harp and Bonhamesque percussives, What Loves Remains, a slow crippled blues with some great vocals from Stahl, pitched somewhere between Paul Rodgers and Ozzy. Orphan, featuring phased vocals, melvinesque quiet and loud passages and a monster Iommi riff. Hell, there ain't a bad cut on the damn thing, they even take time out for a couple of covers, Free's Heartbreaker and Sabbath's Who are you? Jeez, there's even a song called Trower...Go find. "

Tracklist :

A1 Slippin' The Stealth
A2 Innocent
A3 What Love Remains
B1 Mower
B2 Dog Catcher
B3 Lord Of Los Feliz
B4 Trower

Dog Days
C1 The Orphan
C2 Long Gone
C3 Heartbreaker
C4 Man Of Light
D1 Raw Curtains
D2 Who Are You

Goat Bonus (Man Of Light EP, 1998)
D3 Knucklebuster

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Black vinyls