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FUCK THE FACTS - Die Miserable [12" LP] RR7173

"Canadian grindcore icons Fuck the Facts remain the sonic definition of iconoclasts. Their latest full-length, Die Miserable, is a veritable sonic laboratory. After well over a decade aggressively refusing to be confined to a single genre, they approach the complete demolishing of expectations and predictability with a grace and sophistication that would be comfortable were it not so weird. Individual moments on this album shine out, twisted, writhing and brilliant. The throbbing distortion in the titular "Die Miserable" could be mistaken for the sound of time bending. Next, "A Coward's Existence" opens with a mechanical squeal that sounds eerily organic, like a whale song rendered by guitar strings. Everything is broken, squeezed, torqued and under pressure, and the bent sound that's produced is at once distressing and completely engrossing. " - Exclaim

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Black vinyl. Includes lyrics sheet.

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