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COALESCE - Give Them Rope [2xCD] RR7160

"Give Them Rope, the first proper full-length from this wildly influential, trail-blazing hardcore band, blew minds upon its original 1997 release. The record took hardcore’s urgency into an altogether heavier, more angular and discordant direction than any of the bands progenitors before them. This repackaged, remastered edition of the original album comes complete with extensive liner notes from COALESCE guitarist Jes Steineger, as well as a 2nd disc with 2004’s ‘Give Them Rope She Said V2.0 featuring an alternate mix and mastering job of the entire Give Them Rope album’."

Tracklist :

1. Have Patience
2. One On The Ground
3. Cut To Length
4. For All You Are
5. Still It Sells
6. Chain Smoking
7. Did It Pay The Rent
8. Every Reason To
9. I Am Not The First
10. This Is The Last
11. I Took A Year

Pressing Information

Reissue contains the original Give Them Rope and the 2002 remix and re-master, Give Them Rope She Said 2.0.
There is a piece of rope inserted into the "Spine Gap" of the CD case.