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ALTAR OF PLAGUES - Sol [12" LP] HHR2015-19

"The soundtrack to the apocalypse. Since the creation of ambient music a long time ago, many bands have walked the path towards creating one such soundtrack, an album immaculately proportioned and polished, brimming with heart rending instrumentals, and gloomy haunted vocals that lull the listener into a trance, awash in some many artificial emotions that they are almost unable to conceive their own. I have only ever heard a few such soundtracks, most notably "F# A# Infinity," by post-rock legends Godspeed You! The Black Emperor. Altar of Plagues has created what I believe to be another "soundtrack to the apocalypse" however their definition completely redefines the hallowed phrase. Sol takes us right to the bloody genesis of the Armageddon, to a world that is still engulfed in flames and terror and brimming with raw emotion. " - Sputnikmusic

Tracklist :

1. The Titan Skies
2. Twisted Structures Against The Sun
3. With Fire In Our Veins We Drown In Light
4. Twisted Structures Against The Sun (Live At Neudegg Alm. Austria '10)

Pressing Information

Black vinyl. Comes with a printed insert and an antistatic inner sleeve.