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AKIMBO - City Of The Stars [CD] SRULE012

" Akimbo is one of the best rock/metal bands playing today and City of the Stars is the proof. This record built its foundation on all the raw power of "Elephantine" and showcases the bands growth as songwriters and musicians. While the vocals (which sound more like Scott Kelly via Jake Bannon than Ozzy) might throw off some fans of this quasi-stoner rock, Akimbo should appeal to anyone who associates the term "rock" with the Stooges and Black Sabbath with the word "metal."" - Lambgoat

Tracklist :

1. Circle Of Hair
2. I Think I'm A Werewolf
3. The Sorceress
4. Have A Good Time All The Time
5. Aiming For The Heel
6. High And Fighting
7. Afraid Of Mountains
8. Dead And Buried
9. Uranaburg

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CD version of the album.

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