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KEELHAUL - Subject To Change Without Notice [Picture Disc] CORE084

"Dropping bombs (not names) on the long hard road outta Cleveland, Keelhaul put gnarled, frothing metal and blinding math rock into sweaty twin headlocks and smash their misshapen skulls together 'til they bow to The Haul's every nefarious whim. After the quarry's full and complete subjugation, Keelhaul proceed to render, humiliate, and twist their hapless victims into the band's own insidious design. Violence never sounded so sweet (read: unhinged), and the underground has yet to recover. Subject To Change Without Notice may well be The Haul's finest hour to date, the culmination of years of toil and sacrifice, not to mention a challenge to the members' already tenuous grasp on reality."

Tracklist :

1. The Gooch
2. Cruel Shoes
3. Driver's Bread
4. Carl Vs. The 10,000 Lb. Shadow
5. Shackleton
6. Hmg
7. Tits Of War
8. Answer The Chicken
9. Mash The Sandwich
10. Randall
11. Two Twinkies Deep
12. Burlinolinol

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