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EARTH - Earth 2 - Special Low Frequency Version [2xLP] SP185

"This record sounds like black heat waves radiating off of black pavement. Like sweltering heat. There's no other album quite like it. This was Earth's first album and it's usually pointed to as their best. If you're looking for a starting point this is it, but this album isn't for the faint of heart. It's long and dense. It's an hour and fifteen minute exercise in patience and meditation. This album will burn away all of your insides, leaving you purged of your prior self."

Tracklist :

1. Seven Angels
2. Teeth Of Lions Rule The Divine Part 1
3. Teeth Of Lions Rule The Divine Part 2
4. Like Gold And Faceted Part 1
5. Like Gold And Faceted Part 2

Pressing Information

Black vinyls. Includes download code and one sided printed 30,5x30,5cm black and white insert with photos. White inner sleeves with glossy "SUP POP" printed all over it.