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HARVEY MILK - The Singles [2xLP] RR6580-1

"Too heavy to be post rock. Too weird to be metal. Too everything to be anything, Harvey Milk are unconventional and wholly unique, both structurally and sonically. Harvey Milk crafted inconceivable slabs of mesmerizing, ultra dynamic sludge, as well as precious moments of effortless grace and restraint. The Singles delivers all the hard to find moments of their career and is at once hypnotic, repetitive, jarring, unpredictable, exhausting and perplexing."

Tracklist :

1. Yer Mouse Gets My Dander Up
2. Wunderful Meat
3. The Pigeon (I Like My Finger)
4. I Do Not Know How To Live My Life
5. Probölkoc (My Chain Wallet Is In The Shop)
6. Easy Thing
7. Jimmy Page's
8. Jaws Jack
9. Blueberry Dooky
10. Smile
11. Sunshine, Good Times & Fine Wine
12. Women Dig It
13. Greensleeves

Pressing Information

500 copies on blue vinyl