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BASTARD NOISE - A Culture Of Monsters [12" LP] #133

"Bastard Noise follows a first quarter 2010 release of The Red List (split-issue alongside The Endless Blockade) with a full-length "magnum opus" titled A Culture of Monsters. A paramount product of composition, sonic-rendering and package, this second volume of bass/percussion/electronics structured work realizes the full, true power of "The Skull" as a critical force in contemporary musical expression. Here "spun-steel-girder" virtuoso Eric Wood and Trogotronic "electronic-ace" W T Nelson are joined by original Man is the Bastard master-drummer Joel Connell for what could become the most interesting T.B.N combination to date."

Tracklist :

1. A Culture Of Monsters
2. Pincers' Movement
3. Me And Hitler
4. A Silent Night In The Horrible Garden
5. If Another World...
6. Through Modern Existence (The March Of The Trolls)
7. Lumberton
8. Interior War

Pressing Information

Black vinyl, comes with a poster (Gatefold).

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