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"This quartet from Leeds, England proves that when it comes to turning out nasty, dirty and weird punk rock, that bands from the North American continent don’t have the market completely covered.
In fact, this sophomore release, after a ripping debut a few years back, shows the band moving forward and improving upon their musical template. The riffs are nastier, the rhythm work is tighter, and vocalist Billy Mason Wood sounds even more insane and off-kilter than on the last album.
In addition, the songs are tighter. They have mastered the art of writing seething, aggressive, noise punk anthems, but they also know when to stretch their sound out a bit and add elements of post rock to the mix.
This all adds up to a massively enjoyable, gloriously messed-up slab of wax.
So, when it comes to keeping it loud, noisy and weird, this record will definitely do the trick. It’s a nice blast of sonic invective from across the pond" - New Noise Magazine

Tracklist :

1. Shirts
2. Cash Cow
3. The Sadness Of Axl Rose
4. Big Ticker
5. Weaser Bastard
6. I Knock Myself Out
7. Dream Boat
8. Power Ballad
9. Priss
10. Downbeat

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500 black vinyls

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