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HUATA - Atavist Of Mann [2xLP] MUF024

"“Lords of the Flame,” which opens Huata’s sophomore Atavist of Mann, boasts a corpse-painted black metal band in stoner metal clothing, and this is a good thing. Riding a psychedelic bass gallop, the French quartet propel the similarly vibed “Operation Misteltoe” through a fuzz-out haze.
The album then begins a shift, opening up into a more doom blackened atmosphere, and losing its focus. Drones frame the commencement of a dark ceremony n “Part 1: Testis Sum Capri,” and the sprawling “Part II: Templars of the Black Sun,” but this approach yields a tired, powerless distraction. These tracks – and the album-closing “Fall of the Fourth” – go out with a sigh, rather than a bang.
Atavist of Mann is ambitious and aims to cover a great deal of ground, and in doing so, proves Huata’s strengths and, unfortunately, their weaknesses."

Tracklist :

1. Lords Of The Flame
2. Operation Misletoe
3. Thee Imperial Wizard
4. Testi Sum Capri
5. Templars Of The Black Sun
6. Fall Of The 4th
7. Black Sabbath

Pressing Information

300 2xLP red vinyls