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CELESTE - Nihiliste(s) [CD] DEN07

"In virtually every movie about zombies, monsters, or the apocalypse, at some point the surrounding environment is reduced to a complete wasteland. Buildings are laid to waste, the streets are ripped up, gnarled steel girders litter the streets, and black smoke chokes out any source of light. Those scenes are the visual equivalent of Celeste’s first full-length effort, Nihiliste(s). Ten tracks of unrelenting heaviness, Nihiliste(s) bludgeons the listener with wave after wave of pummeling guitar, unrelenting drumming, and vocal-chord shredding screams. Celeste may not be blazing new ground with Nihiliste(s), but the album establishes a strong foundation for them to build upon and I cannot wait to hear what they put out next. " - Absolute Punk

Tracklist :

1. On Pendra Les Femmes Et Les Enfants En Premier
2. Au Feu Le Savoir
3. Mais Va Vendre Ton Dédain
4. Abandonner Tout Espoir À Vingt Ans
5. Pour Maintenir Encore Une Fois La Distance
6. A Jamais Dénudée
7. Tu Regardes Trop Fort, Tu Penses Trop Fort, Tu Parles Trop Fort
8. Mais Encore Faut-il Pouvoir Renier Tout Un Programme
9. De Sévices En Amitiés
10. Comme S'il Suffisait De Lever Le Doigt Pour Refaire

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1000 copper cds in black covers