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BLOCKHEADS - Shapes Of Misery [12" LP] UP2.11-04

"20 tracks, 27 minutes, face-to-a-sander grindcore. You’ve heard these albums before (Nasum’s Grind Finale contained about ten of them), so why should you hear this one? Because it kicks, that’s why. It’s raw, it’s pissed off, and it’s efficient in a way that somehow seems environmentally conscious. I picture these Frenchmen working in soup kitchens to the sounds of Phobia and Terrorizer.
All the classic grind ingredients are here – clattering blastbeats, piledriving guitars, papa bear/little bear vocals. The songs fly by quickly, but, really, this album is one long cathartic fit with nineteen pauses for breath. Yet melodic and rhythmic variation keeps things interesting, and the production sounds natural." - Invisible Oranges

Tracklist :

1. Bow Down
2. Borders
3. Misery
4. Silent
5. Going East
6. Fuck Off And Die !
7. Greed
8. Back To Dogma
9. Swallow Back
10. Social Fracture
11. Parasite
12. I've Been
13. Despair
14. Big Stick Politic
15. Stones Of Gore
16. Burning Wife
17. Loser
18. Hopeless
19. No Better
20. Business Intelligence

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