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CELESTE - Pessimiste(s) [12" LP] DEN06

"Already in 2006 CELESTE gained a lot attention with their debut release PESSIMISTE(S) from Metal, Post-Hardcore, Sludge or Drone listeners. This record was the basis of the successful development which followed with the albums nihiliste(s), misanthrope(s) and morte(s) nee(s). Fans of Cult Of Luna, Breach, Amen Ra, Knut, Switchblade or old Envy should again be all ears! "

Tracklist :

1. Afin De Tromper L'Ennui
2. Diluons Nos Souvenirs D'Enfance
3. D'Abysse En Abysse
4. De Notre Aversion À Notre Perversion
5. Car Quoi Qu'Il Advienne, Tout Est À Chier

Pressing Information

Black vinyl, limited to 500 copies.