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BIG BUSINESS - Battlefields Forever [12" LP, CD] GM003

"We all know who Big Business are. If you don't then shame on you as they are an incredible Sludge/Stoner Metal Band who have released some superb records over the last decade or so. Plus two members of the band Jared and Coady are members of legendary Sludge Metallers - The Melvins.
Battlefields Forever sees Big Business as a band reborn wanting to reclaim their throne after many years in the Sludge/Stoner Metal wilderness. And on this form they truly deserve to reclaim their throne. The instrumental work is phenomenal through out. The album is full of the same Sludge/Stoner Metal riffs we all come to expect from this great band. Though they are louder than ever. Each note and riff expertly played by all involved. Big Business actually do mean business on this album. it's great to have you back guys. Don't leave it so long next time.
Battlefields Forever is a phenomenal release that everyone should have in their record collection."

Tracklist :

1. Chump Chance
2. No Vowels
3. Battlefields
4. Trees
5. Aurum
6. Doomsday, Today!
7. Heavy Shoes
8. Our Mutant
9. Lonely Lyle

Pressing Information

Official European Distributor handled by Solar Flare Records : 350 clear LPs, 150 CD Digipacks