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CARNE - Ville Morgue [12" LP, Digital] SLF012

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"Carne comes back this year with a new album, Ville Morgue, their first long play on Solar Flare Records.
Since then, the duo from Lyon (France) refined their noisy blend of sludge. Used to hammering mid tempo riffage backed by savagely pounding drums, the duo also at times feeds on roaring and filthy blastbeats.. The guitarist vocals, rugged and pushed to their extremes, rushes on these blackened assaults, taking full magnitude live when fueled by an insane amount of cranked amps.
Throughout these ten tracks the duo elaborates a very strong tumor concentrate mixed with large quantities of beer. Born a Taurus, the duo bears the sign of the Great Weirdo and when they finally let go of all that restrained violence in more tormented divagations, it is only to come back with more tension in a relentless load.
The collaboration with Marion (Overmars / Abronzius) on Slave/her opens a new dimension in Carne’s approach and gives way to other participations of the same type in the next future. Ville Morgue reaffirms Carne’s identity and shows a new step in its continual evolution, a methodical research of darkness and intensity that they already express communicatively live. Carne sings about everyday life, boredom, cities, alternatives and procrastination."

Tracklist :

1. Elegy in Δ
2. We Are The Romanoes
3. Fear Trade
4. Crown Of Porns
5. 1000 Beers
6. Elegy in Ɣ
7. Slave / Her
8. Chien Noir
9. Elegy in ʡ
10. Ville Morgue

Pressing Information

1st press : 300 black vinyls