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"The second proper release from Sofy Major. The bands kicks things off right away with three tracks of their "heavy"-esque attack of harsh riffing and frenzied screams accented by churning midpaced surges and subtle hints at melody tucked away amidst all the layering.There’s still a caustic and chaotic edge with lots of changes throughout, but there also seem to be more frequent areas of tangible force that give the listener something to latch onto, and I like that a lot. One Second Riot follows with three tracks of their own, a duo primarily utilizing drums, bass, and vocals - with electronics and samples creeping in on occasion to add additional accents. Songs are a touch slower and longer, but still possess noisy elements and a similar sort of energy."

Tracklist :

A1 : Sofy Major - Mange Tes Morts
A2 : Sofy Major - It Burns Away
A3 : Sofy Major - Désastre

B1 : One Second Riot - Die Elektrish Leben Maschine
B2 : One Second Riot - Dead Like You
B3 : One Second Riot - Into A Stranger

Pressing Information

1st press : 500 black, 5 testpressings