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SOFY MAJOR - Idolize [LP 12", CD Digipack, Digital] SLF010

Vinyl comes with a MP3 coupon . This item is available in North-America through Stickfigure Direct

"In the Autumn of 2012 SOFY MAJOR transports to the Northeastern North American quadrant, bent on hammering out their new opus at renowned Brooklyn-based studio Translator Audio with producer Andrew Schneider (Unsane, Keelhaul, Cave In, etc.) as well as to embark on their first US tour. As luck would have it, they arrived in town at the same time Hurricane Sandy moved in. The loss is 100% -- the entire studio flooded beyond repair, and all equipment in the studio including the band’s gear left swimming. The trio bummed around the borough for a few days, hooking up with cohort and labelmate Dave Curran (Unsane, Pigs), who helped set up the sessions they crossed the globe to carry out. The band eventually recorded with Schneider at Brooklyn-based Seaside Lounge and Spaceman Sound studios, and had it mastered by Carl Saff at Saff Mastering, the band then immediately taking to the road on a delayed but steadfast American tour."

Tracklist :

1. Aucune Importance
2. Comment
3. Steven The Slow
4. Bbbbreak
5. UMPKK pt.1
6. UMPKK pt.2
7. Slow And Painful
8. Coffee Hammam
9. Seb
10. Platini
11. Frost Forward
12. Power Of Their Voice

Pressing Information

1st press : 200 black vinyls, 150 opaque w/ haze (bone & bronze) vinyls, 150 A Side / B Side (bone & beer) vinyls, 5 testpressings, 500 CD Digipacks