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Noise Rock . Post-Metal | Vesoul, France



November 27th 2011 · Solar Flare Records, Prototype Records, Basement Apes Ind., Ocinatas Ind., Bigout Records, Impure Muzik · 12" Split, Digital

"And here comes the long-waited split, the artistic collaboration transposing the obvious affiliation between those two bands, but above all, the friendship developed on the road around a sixpack. Sofy Major vs. Membrane ? Let’s say Sofy Major + Membrane. No need to choose sides, or to talk about a confrontation considering the sound impact. Two different AND complementary universes, the same roots but a different approach ; Membrane are the french noise-hardcore veterans. Normal to find a kind of heritage in Sofy Major when they manage to break free to explore other paths, following a daring mix of genres and always effective in the logic of their last album “Permission to Engage”.
In four titles, the trio from Clermont-Ferrand shows once again that the field is wide, mostly destroyed, the power remains the watchword. As a result, without respite, the old school of Vesoul sounds a second charge, in three attacks, with this unstoppable formula where to hit hard and get it right, honesty is the best weapon.
Sofy Major vs. Membrane ? If somebody got to be KO, that’s the listener at the end."

500 clear w/ solid white haze, 5 testpressings