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Mathcore . Sludge Metal | Chicaco, USA

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November 24th 2014 · Solar Flare Records · 12" LP, CD, Digital

"Since 1996, AMERICAN HERITAGE has relentlessly dispatched their ripping concoction of technical, mangled metal/hardcore backed with their cynical, lowbrow music and human relations, both on record and on the stage. Their most recent Sedentary album, recorded while the lineup was void of a full-time bassist, included guest contributions on each track, involving their partners in crime, collectively hailing from Sulaco, Murder Construct, Exhumed, D.I.S., Fight Amp, Nachtmystium, Buried At Sea, Mastodon and countless others.
Following the departure of original guitarist Andrei Cabanban back in 2002, through a continually revolving array of bassists, AMERICAN HERITAGE has been steadily comprised of drummer Mike Duffy, vocalist/guitarist Adam Norden and guitarist Scott Shellhamer, and for the past several years, completed by bassist Erik Bocek. This lineup raided SOMA Studios in March of this year with producer Sanford Parker, with additional recording by Che Arthur and Mike Lust, to record their sixth full-length, Prolapse. Once the caustic madness of the bruising album was recorded, Parker mixed the final product, the thirty-three minute album displaying some of the band’s most diverse material to date. After the recording of Prolapse, core member Adam Norden left the band, and after eighteen years of abuse and racket, this move makes it foreseeable that this will be the final album from AMERICAN HERITAGE."

200 A Side / B Side (grey and baby pink), 300 black, 100 CDs


November 27th 2012 · Solar Flare Records, Prototype Records · 12" LP, Digital

"The Chicago quartet’s new album steamrolls the senses with brash polyrhythmic riffs, vitriolic punk attitude and destructive seasick rhythms. “Sickening Rebellion” rolls with a calculated hardcore intensity, while “WWDHD” mounts from chugging ominous distortion into an epic metallic explosion. American Heritage—Adam Norden [Vocals/Guitar], Scott Shellhamer [Guitar], Mike Duffy [Drums], Erik Bocek [Bass]—preserve the abrasive amalgam of technicality and brutality they’re known for, while refining it. Picking up where they left off on 2006′s critically acclaimed Millenarian, the band began building what would become Sedentary in 2008. Duffy would travel from Georgia to Illinois to write and record with Shellhamer and Norden during sporadic but fruitful creative sessions. “It’s more punk than our last record,” declares Shellhamer. “Rather than nitpicking parts, we rolled with the songs. If we were feeling it, we just did it.”
You’ll feel the sonic gut punch of songs like “City of God” and “Sickening Rebellion,” which bruise, batter and bludgeon brilliantly. Without a full-time bass player during recording (Bocek joined the band post-recording), the band collaborated with a different musician for each song’s bass track. On the incendiary and invasive “Fetal Attraction,” Mastodon’s Bill Kelliher provides bass, a guitar solo and a little personal flare. Shellhamer laughs, “He does that ‘Eat my fuck’ thing at the end of the song. He went way overboard with the bass and guitar solo, and it was ripping.”"

200 black, 100 Half / Half (yellow & brown), 5 testpressings